About Us

Welcome to Victor Verace

Welcome to the Victor Verace Collection.

Having spent many years travelling across Europe, I was entranced by the beauty and diversity of cultures and architecture. A favourite memory of mine was when we spent several nights in Puglia, eating at a small pizza restaurant. It didn't look particularly appealing from the outside, but the second I entered, I was in love with the decor and interior design.
It intrigued me how your mind can be completely reversed based on the design and layout. It was from this experience that my love of interior design grew. I sought out unique places, dined at popular chains and absorbed their design principles (still do!).
From here, I set up Victor Verace - where I source a variety of stylish furniture from manufacturers around the globe. This ensures I can sell them at affordable prices, helping transform residential and commercial developments into comfortable, homely places that people enjoy spending their time.

The Legal Part:

Victor Verace is owned and operated by Loose Money Ltd

Our company registration number is: 11380226

Our V.A.T number is: 316933691

Our office address is:

Victor Verace, G4 Gresely House, Ten Pound Walk, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England, DN4 5HX

Our support email is: support@victorverace.com